Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

Last night was dubbed “Flatbread Friday”.  We had a collection of friends at the house and wanted a meal that was fun, casual, and not a lot of work.

The base for all of ours was the Boboli pizza crust, but in the future I would seek out a thinner base simply so we could try more styles before being full.

The hit of the night was the Buffalo Chicken Flatbread.

The Buffalo Chicken Flatbread

I started by slicing three boneless chicken breasts into quarter-inch thick slices.  (this made two pizzas.)  I tossed the chicken strips with salt and pepper and sautéed them in a large skillet.  I was mostly interested in browning them and did not need to cook them thoroughly because they would cook more in the oven.

After flipping them and cooking on both sides I moved the chicken to a clean bowl and generously doused them with hot sauce.  My wife is from Buffalo, so in our house one wouldn’t think of using anything other than the original, Frank’s Hot Sauce!

I let that sit for a while to let some of the juices come out of the chicken. 

To assemble the flatbread I began by spreading a thin layer of shredded mozzarella on the pizza crust.  Then I tossed the chicken mixture to mix the hot sauce with the chicken juices.  I spread the strips evenly over two crusts and then drizzled the remaining liquid over them.

I then sprinkled crumbled blue cheese over it all and baked in the oven according to the directions on the crust.  In the case of the Boboli it was 10-12 min at 450.  When it came out I drizzled a little more hot sauce on the top as a


Just as with Buffalo wings, the mixture of the earthy soft blue cheese and the sharp vinegary hot sauce was a real winner!

There is not much I would do to adjust this one, it was loved by our entire crowd and Flatbread Friday was judged a success!



  1. A while back, I bought a bag of “Swedish Meat Balls” from Peapod, thinking it a Stouffer’s competitor. Wrong! It was a bag of meatballs, claiming beef and pork as its ancestors. Nor Jim (the cook around here these days, as well you know) nor I have useful notions re what to do next! HALP!

    1. I think they want to be simmered in the sauce of your choice. Maybe BBQ, maybe something Asian, like hoisin, or even spaghetti sauce.

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