Over 15 years ago, I opened Tony’s Kitchen, a catering company in Northern Virginia specializing in the daily delivery of home-style meals.  Ultimately I just couldn’t make it pay, and in 2005 it was closed.  Though the business model didn’t work, the concept did, and the food was very popular.  I wrote a weekly newsletter that enjoyed a wide readership, well beyond my local customer base.

Since those days I have maintained my love of food and cooking and had the good fortune to feed those passions with extensive travel.

I am pleased to report that the cooking is better than ever!  Good enough, in fact, to ressurect the Tony’s Kitchen Newsletter in the form of this blog so that I can share some of my best work!IMG_6950

I welcome your feedback and I hope you enjoy it.  It will include a lot of recipes made from home, as well as outstanding meals from noteworthy restaurants.  The pieces will range from topics such as interesting travel tales.

I hope you enjoy it and spread the word to others who have a passion for food, cooking, and travel.



  1. Het Tony

    Would you consider submitting your blog for indexing at eatyourbooks.com?
    I just indexed all my cookbooks and thought it would be great to have your blog indexed as well.

    Let us know, please. Thanks.

  2. Love exploring the world through your blog! I was hoping to contact you via email to ask you a couple of questions, could you send me a note when you have a chance? Thank you!

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