Bresaola is a salted, air-dried beef.  It is dark red, almost purple and on the plate looked like radicchio or slices of beets.  You can find this in supermarkets and deli’s.  It has a deep mellow flavor.

True carpaccio is made with raw beef, sometimes seared on the edges.  In this case I used the bresaola.

It was a first course on a Friday night dinner with friends.  This traditional Italian presentation began with a layer of paper-thin slices of the beef, which were drizzled with olive oil.

This was topped with fresh arugula, shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, salt and freshly ground pepper.  It was served with lemon wedges which were squeezed over the salad at the table.

It is very light and delicate.  The peppery and slightly bitter arugula, the tart lemon juice, and the rich mellow flavors of the cheese, the beef, and the olive oil all combined at the moment they hit the taste buds.


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