Hawaii – Day 9 of 15, A Day at the Beach

Today was spent mainly on the beach.  The surf here is fierce!  Throughout the vacation we have been joking about a line in a book that says, “Never turn your back to the sea.”  Well today my wife was in water knee deep and look back to yell to me onshore and a wave came out of nowhere to knock her right off her feet!

The surfers gather all in the same spot waiting for the right wave...
...when it comes, some are ready and some are not...
...when done right, it is a sight to behold!

We spent the day on a beautiful nearly uninhabited beach facing the northern coast of Maui.  We bobbed in the surf, walked the beach, and basically relaxed as much as one can possibly relax!


For dinner we went to a recommendation from the hotel concierge, Sensai Seafood.  It was a sushi bar with a very lively atmosphere!  The place was packed with families, locals, tourists, you name it.

Sensai Seafood

 My pictures don’t do it justice because it was dark in the restaurant, but the sashimi melted in your mouth, and the sushi rolls were unbelievable!  The combinations were creative and one had a mixture of Ahi tuna and avocado and the fish was so fresh that the textures were the same!

A roll in which the fish was so fresh that it had the same texture as the avocado!

And of course, we caught the sunset.  This time we were at Kihei beach and there was a crowd of people all waiting to see the sunset.  It had a ritual feel to it and everyone admired it.  There was a catamaran moored in the middle ground which made for nice pictures.

Sunset in Maui, Kihei Beach


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