Hawaii – Day 8 of 15, Maui

Maui in the background as seen from the air. Lanai in foreground.

Today we packed up and left Oahu for Maui.  it was sad to leave an island on which we have seen and done so much, but exciting to move on to another with supposedly a completely different personality.

The inter-island portion of the Honolulu airport is a dream to go through!  There was literally nobody in line for security and the terminal for Go! Mokulele, our airline is small and quaint.  It also had a feature we enjoyed!

A feature in the airport lounge of Go! Mokulele Airlines.

Maui does indeed look different!  It does not have the big city or commercial area of Waikiki; but, it does have more of a southern California feel.  Across the street from the car rental office was a Whole Foods!  Still, there are no large highways and the speed limit never goes higher than 45 mph.

We needed a day to reset.  We had packed, turned in a car, flown, picked up another car, unpacked, we needed familiar ground and so we took a day off from Hawaiian food and ordered pizza in the hotel restaurant.  It was a thin crispy crust worthy of a New York pizzeria!  (none of my friends from New York would believe that but that’s just them.)

Maui 569

Sunset at Wailea on the island of Maui

We are on the southern coast of Maui in a town called Wailea.  I have heard that the Maui sunset is something to behold.  Don’t miss a day one book said, each one is different.  I saw clouds gathering on the horizon and couldn’t believe it would be all that great.

I was wrong, it was like something out of a painting.  It was the warmest welcome to Maui I could imagine!  Over the next week we have a lot of sights to see, but I think there will also be a little more relaxation at this beautiful resort.



  1. I do believe you are at the hotel we stayed at. I’m not sure of this. The sunset was beautiful – thank you for sharing.

  2. Glad you’re enjoying. Sounds like a GREAT trip. Keep the updates coming. Living Vicariously!

  3. Wow – it is an amazing sunset. Can’t wait to hear more about Maui. In all our trips to Hawaii, we’ve never made it to that island.

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