Hawaii – Day 11 of 15, Lahaina


Today began with a power walk along the Wailea coast line.  A beautiful ocean walkway travels along between the beach and the resorts and homes.  There were some spectacular private homes!  It reminds me of the coastline of Maine only tropical.

Some spectacular private homes right on the beach in Wailea.

We saw one home that had a hand-carved gate at the driveway flanked by ornate and animated sculpture! 

This home had a hand-carved gate and lively sculpture at the driveway!

We saw the Fairmont hotel and the Four Seasons, both exclusive and opulent properties.  The Fairmont had a pool that had private cabanas set as islands in the pool.  The edges of the pool appeared to spill onto the ground, and the backdrop for all of this was the Pacific ocean.

It is a luxurious area and one that will be hard to leave for the working world! 

That afternoon we headed north and east around the volcanic mountain that forms a sort of horn at the head of Maui.  Our destination was the old whaling town of Lahaina.  This town was made famous in, among other things, the Loggins & Messina song called Lahaina.  It is a quaint old beach town but commercialized in a boardwalk way with alternating T-shirt shops and jewelry stores.

A gathering crowd outside Cheeseburger in Paradise, Lahaina, HI.

The two biggest lines were at chain restaurants Bubba Gump’s Shrimp Co, and Cheeseburger in Paradise.  They were obviously popular, but I didn’t come 6 time zones to eat at a place I could find in Fredericksburg, VA!

That said, the town does have a certain character; and that character was embodied by a mint condition VW Bus parked on the street!

A mint-condition VW Bus!

 We found an authentic Lahaina restaurant, Kimo’s.  It has been there 35 years and is a Lahaina institution.  The deck looked over the ocean and we watched sailboats and fishing boats moored just off the beach.

The Ahi Sashimi at Kimo's

I’m sure this is getting old, but I cannot get enough of this amazing Ahi tuna sashimi!  I did, however, branch out and also try a meat dish, a Hawaiian classic, served as an Asian fusion dish. 

The Kahlua pork is best know for being served at Luaus.  It is cooked in a pit in the ground with hot lava rocks, banana leaves and a whole pig.  The pig is covered with more banana leaves and then the pit is covered over with dirt.  It roasts under ground, or Imo Style, overnight.

This Kahlua pork is served in a Chinese style as Moo Shu pork with a Hawaiian style plum sauce.

What comes out is so intensely flavored and tender it is hard to believe there is so little seasoning used.  This is something I will try to recreate when I get home.  Though my wife has already said she does not want to see me digging a pit in the back yard!

Silhouette of a fishing boat at sunset, the island of Molokai in the background.

The evening was lovely and the food and tropical drinks were fantastic.  We watched a golden sunset with the island of Molokai in the background, and the silhouette of a fishing boat accenting the scene.  Another day in paradise!

Sunset in Lahaina



  1. Hi Tony,

    No backyard pit, no pig, either, I guess…

    Thanks for taking us along on this fabulous trip!

    Brent Roderick

  2. I have finally caught up on your trip- there’s been a lot going on at home!- but I can’t believe what a beautiful place.Hawaii is. We can’t wait to go someday. Hope you are both staying cool, the thermometer said 114.8° at one point today! Not fun. Can’t wait to see you on Monday, have a great few more days of your trip.
    Love Julia Andrew and Margaret

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