Hawaii – Day 15 of 15

One last time...the Ahi Tuna Sashimi

Did I mention we’re actually on vacation for 17 days?

Tomorrow, Day 16 we leave Maui and return to Oahu in the afternoon.  At 9 pm we depart Honolulu for home.  It will actually be 3:00 eastern time Monday morning!  We get home Monday afternoon around 4:00 pm and it’s off to work Tuesday morning!

So it will be full immersion upon return, but I suspect the Aloha spirit will not leave us for at least 48 hours.

Today we did almost nothing!  We slept in, went to the beach, bobbed in the Pacific, and then moved to the pool.  We did a little shopping and pretty much had the day we might have on any vacation…until dinner.  At dinner we went to the hotel restaurant which overlooks the ocean and had one last Ahi Tuna Sashimi, Some Manila Clams with an Asian preparation, and raw oysters in Ponzu sauce and wasabi (my new fav).

I have traveled to Europe, to many islands in the Caribbean, and all over the United States and in my opinion, Maui is the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  I love Colorado, I love the coast of Maine, I love Antigua, I love Anchorage; but, acre for acre, I have never seen as beautiful a place as Maui.

I am a very fortunate man to have been married to a good  and loving woman for 25 years, and to have a mother who felt she needed to send us to Hawaii to celebrate our anniversary (and a father who made it possible for her to make that decision!).  I thank them all.

And while the final judgement is not quite in, it appears my three children did pretty well keeping the household going for two weeks without us.  I am proud of them and grateful.

I will take about a week off from blogging as I reintroduce myself to the world of technology and government contracting.  I will be back next weekend and ready to recreate some of the amazing food we enjoyed here in Hawaii.

Thanks to my many readers who shared their thoughts and comments on my blog.  While we were here my blog received its 5,000th page view since its beginning in February!  I loved sharing the experience and I’m happy you found it interesting.

Mahalo and Aloha!

...and one last time, sunset in Maui. This time the palm trees held the sun like a jewel in the setting of a ring.



  1. Tony and Alice,

    It has been a pleasure reading your blog, seeing the pictures and letting you take us through this island paradise. For a few minutes every day we were all transported away from our daily lives.
    As with all things in life, everything must come to an end. On tuesday morning, we will all be slogging through the same traffic on our way back to work. So I have a suggestion fo all your followers with a special request of your mom.

    If you have enjoyed Tony’s writting and pictures as much as Carolyn and I have, then please join me in asking Carol, (Tony’s mother) if she would underwrite the same trip for me and Carolyn. Afterall we have been married for 26 years. I love to write and eat. I have a new camera so we could all benefit from that. I don’t want to be piggish, so we’d be happy with 12 days.

    Thanks in advace for your support.


  2. Hi Tony – I have loved visiting Hawaii with you and Alice! It was almost like a mini vacation for me! Safe travels!


    1. Thanks Sarah!
      As I write this it is 7am in Salt Lake City. There is snow on the mountains and the finest menu option is Sbarro. Were not in Maui anymore!

  3. Tony,

    Not only did your 3 children keep your household going while you were away they helped us keep our household going with the surprise arrival of baby Patrick. I don’t know what we would have done without them (and the use of your electricity when we lost ours the other night)!!

    Glad you and Alice had a wonderful trip! See you soon.

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