Roasting Chilis



Early fall means chili peppers are in season and a great way to capture their taste and aroma is to roast them.  Once roasted they can be frozen and used throughout the year.  The smell of chilis roasting is a memorable one and warms the entire house!

I do it directly on the gas burner of the stove.  You could also do it on a grill or broiler.  Using tongs, move them around the fire until completely charred on the outside and then drop them into a zip-lock bag or airtight container.  In there they will steam for 10 minutes or the time it takes to roast the rest.

Once they are all done and steamed, peel off the charred exterior under lightly running water.  If working with high heat chilis like habaneros, you may want to use a glove.

Once the charred section is peeled they can be used in stews, sauteed dishes, or frozen for future use.  You may want to remove the seeds before freezing.  The seeds are a strong concentration of the heat.



  1. I love to char serrano peppers and use them to make a lime and serrano mayo. Little lime juice and zest with the pepper and some high quality mayo.

    Hearty wheat toast, grilled chicken, lettuce and tomato and lime/Serrano mayo……Spicy bit of Heaven

  2. This is perfect, my garden is full of peppers I don’t know what to do with. Can I also put them in the oven under the broiler? Not really sure how to do it directly on the burner — do you use any kind of pan?

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