The Hangar Cafe, Chandler, AZ

Chandler, Arizona is a suburb of Phoenix about 20 minutes southeast of the city. It has a small municipal airport and that airport is the home of a classic American coffee shop/diner called the Hangar Cafe.

The food has a distinctive southwest flair. The decor is kitschy and bright and predictably in an aviation theme. It doesn’t hurt that the weather there is always sunny and bright!

My recommendation is the Chorizo omelet. The chorizo is the texture of ground beef and has a respectable heat!

I had a hard time making up my mind because they had a broad selection of breakfast burritos, omelets, and more and each category had 2 or 3 good choices. In the end I went with the Chorizo omelet because something told me this place would have authentic chorizo and it would be a memorable omelet.

I was right! Unfortunately for all the rest of the diners in my future, they will be competing with this omelet. The chorizo was the texture of ground beef and while not lethal, had a very distinct heat to it. I like the heat and pride myself on my tolerance but at breakfast it was a pleasant surprise.

My host and dining partner had received a tip that the thing to order was the Chicken Fried Steak. This too looked like a fantastic meal and I did get to try it. It should have come with a side order of CPR, but it was good!

The Chicken Fried Steak was another good choice...although not the most heart healthy!

This was one of those classic American experiences that someone has to tell you about because you will not just happen to wander into the Chandler Municipal Airport; but, now you know and if you’re ever in the Phoenix area, this is worth the trip! I thank my friend Joe for introducing me to it


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