New Arlington Kitchen – Tasters Needed!


It has been a long time since my last posting and for those of you keeping track, I only got halfway through my series “10 Dishes to Make this Winter”. To be fair it was a mild winter and not very inspiring of hearty cold-weather dishes.

More importantly however, as soon as I published the list of 10 dishes, it began to feel like a homework assignment.

Lesson learned. The blog is my hobby and I am passionate about writing of food, travels, and fun. When it began to feel like a burden I gave myself the luxury of a break. To those of you who persisted in asking when I was going to blog again, thank you!

I am refreshed and ready for travel and food and will be more consistent in sharing it with those of you kind enough to follow along!

Announcing Akmal’s Kitchen!
My longtime friend Akmal Rana is a gifted chef. Years ago when I ran a commercial kitchen and home meal delivery service, Akmal contributed several Indian, Afghani, and Pakistani dishes. This would include the legendary Indian Butter Chicken which would become the best-selling and clear favorite dish of the entire 3 year history of Tony’s Kitchen!

Now Akmal is opening his own meal delivery service. He hopes to open officially in May, but in the meantime needs a small group of test customers. This will involve ordering meals once or twice a week at a reduced rate in exchange for honest feedback on the food, the service, delivery, and process.

Initially it will be a limited menu, but will undoubtedly include popular dishes like Tandoori Chicken and Salmon, as well as the Butter Chicken. Each will come with Basmati Rice, and Akmal’s Naan, a flat Indian bread cooked on the side walls of the Tandoori oven.

If interested in participating, contact Akmal directly at:

I will keep you all posted as his business progresses.


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  1. I’ve e-mailed Akmal. Nostalgia time! When you see/talk to him, emphasize our enthusiastic best wishes. CAN’T WAIT!!!!!

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