Return to Shenandoah National Park…This Time by Bike

The view at the beginning of summer from Shenandoah National Park

The last time I blogged about Shenandoah National Park I was hiking it by foot along the Appalachian Trail.  This time it will be by bike.  While a bike would not work on the Appalachian Trail, it will indeed work on Skyline Drive.  This 105 mile ridge-top road is the spine of SNP and promises a rewarding challenge for two days.

The Scattante Elite – My ride for 105 miles of Shenandoah National Park

I’m going with my friend Brett and we will drive two cars, leaving one at the southern end, Rockfish Gap, and then driving to the northern end, Front Royal, VA.  There is a lodge at the midpoint and we will take two days.

Stay tuned for pictures and what I’m sure will be a good story!



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