Skyline Drive by Bike – End of Day 1

Today’s ride began with a 6 mile climb! The entire ride was grueling and the ascents were endless.

Traffic was rush-hour heavy and my partner Brett struggled early on with the remnants of bronchitis.

But there was something really rewarding about doing this by bike!

The weather was gorgeous and the foliage was at its peak.

Lying here on my bed at Big Meadows Lodge I can’t imagine getting on that bike again tomorrow but I have a nice dinner and a full night’s sleep ahead…we’ll see!


Hogback Overlook – 3385 Feet

One comment

  1. Hey! We have a Hogback in Vermont between Wilmington and Brattleboro on a hairpin (not quite) turn. Beautiful–we can see all the way down in to the Berkshires and the Taconic ranges.

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