Hawaii – Day 4 of 15

The Ko Olina Wedding Chapel

Today was a day of R&R so we did not have any big adventures.  We did walk down the shore to the JW Marriott Resort.  We are at a Marriott timeshare so we had full privileges at the resort.

On the way we saw a beautiful glass chapel right on the sea.  Destination weddings are big business in Hawaii and as we walked by there was a wedding in progress!  Everyone appeared to be Japanese. 
Destination weddings are big business in Hawaii.

We got to the resort and they had a saltwater pool of beautiful fish like you would see in an aquarium.  All different colors and as we watched a gorgeous sting ray glided past.

Sting ray in the pool!

The resort is luxurious!  We sat at this opulent seaside pool and ordered lunch, a healthy one at that!

No sting rays in this pool!

Dinner this evening was totally local.  The fish was called Hebi, a Hawaiian fish similar to marlin.  it was topped with a papaya seed vinaigrette and a papaya salsa.  Beside it was a locally grown purple sweet potato (two actually!).  We sat and watched a luau performance as we dined on this local feast!

A completely local meal, Hawaiian hebi with papaya salsa and a purple Hawaiian sweet potato.Watching the luau hula from our restaurant table!


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