CSA Harvest from Late June: Can You Identify This Vegetable?

CSA veggies from late June, red lettuce, broccoli, basil, dark leafy greens, scallions, zucchini, yellow squash, an eggplant, an English cucumber, and the mystery vegetable in the center.

This week’s bag of veggies from the CSA was the biggest sign yet that summer is here!  In addition to the lettuce herbs, and greens of the past few weeks, there were squash, an eggplant, a cucumber, and one more that is the subject of a poll below.

Southern Style Zucchini

I cut the squash into cubes and tossed it with a beaten egg, Cajun seasoning, and cornmeal.  I put it in a hot skillet of butter and olive oil and pan-fried it.  Huge hit at home!

The veggie in the middle of the picture is, in my mind not well-known, but really delicious and versatile.  Do you know what it is?  If so, share with ToneMan readers how you prepare it!


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