Yesterday I included a poll in my blog posting asking you to identify the vegetable pictured above.  Over three quarters of you correctly identified it as kohlrabi.  Perhaps it is not as obscure as I thought it was!

It is part of the turnip family and has a pleasant sweet taste compared to the harsher winter turnips.  Once peeled the flesh is white and crisp. 

Uses:  There is so much you can do with this vegetable.  It can be sliced into strips with a vegetable peeler, it can be diced and sautéed as well.  Because of its apple-like texture and clean flavor it can be added to bright flavors like lemon juice, fresh herbs, or rice vinegar.

It can also be steamed and then seasoned, or roasted.  It is thus versatile and easy to use. 

So next time your grocery shopping or at the Farmers’ Market and looking for something new, give it a try!

The flesh of the kohlrabi is white and has the texture of a crisp apple.


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