Tin Fish – Fabulous Fish Tacos in San Diego!

Directly across from the San Diego Convention Center is Tin Fish (http://thetinfish.net).  It is a small restaurant with most of its seating outdoors–not a problem in sunny San Diego–and it serves primarily one thing, fish tacos. They do serve hamburgers and chicken nuggets; so if your convention partner doesn’t like fish tacos, bring them anyway.

Californians take their fish tacos seriously and here you can get your choice of 6 different kinds of fish and preparations.  The important thing about this is that the world over convention centers offer the epitome of pre-packaged inedible food.  I have experienced convention center food in at least 12 major American cities each and they all make airline food look appealing.

But here, just a short walk across the street is this gem of a spot.  I went at lunch during a week-long conference, so drinks were not on my menu but it did look like a fun “beachy” bar to spend some time.  It also looks like a spot that would be crazy busy during  a Padres game since Petco Field is a block away.

The yellowtail fish taco at Tin Fish.



  1. Yummy! What a coincidence I have just about couple of minutes ago posted a review about a fish taco place in our area 🙂 I’ll have to check tinfish out for sure when I visit san diego someday! Ours serves 6 types of fish and have beachy feel to it too lol


    1. Wow! Coincidence, I promise! I can practically walk to Tackle Box so I’ll have to check it out. Thanks for the interest fellow IT Foodie!

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