Steak Tartare at Lyon Hall

The social and food center of Arlington, VA’s universe is a neighborhood called Clarendon and one of the anchor restaurants there is Lyon Hall.  It is a casual Belgian style brasserie with great outdoor seating and a sophisticated atmosphere inside.

The steak tartare alone is worth the trip to Lyon Hall, but stay for the impressive beer list!

Two great things about this restaurant are that the owner is always there, and the amazing staff has very low turnover so you always see a familiar face…and they recognize you!

The menu is excellent but the Steak Tartare is a standout.  Hand-cut filet mignon mixed with capers, seasoning, and topped with a quail egg.  It’s not for everyone, but if you like this dish, it’s a must-try.

In a neighborhood where a non-franchise one-of-a-kind restaurant is increasingly hard to find, Lyon Hall should be on your list!


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