Bucket List Update: Meet Molly Ringwald…Check!

OK, maybe meeting Molly Ringwald was not exactly a bucket list item but I do find her pretty iconic (not to mention pretty in pink…and, well, just plain pretty)! When marketing company O’Keefe & Company invited me to their 16th anniversary party with a theme of “16 Candles”, the simple promise of an open bar would have been enough to attend; but, then they added the draw of meeting Molly Ringwald!

Me & Molly Ringwald

I was fascinated by the idea of using celebrity to market. The party was fantastic. The entire establishment of Ireland’s Four Provinces in Falls Church was rented out. It felt so special to walk past the sign that said, “Sorry, closed for private event”.

The next day there was a piece in the Style Section of the Washington Post. The article mentioned that she was in town, what it had cost O’Keefe to get her, what she wore, etc. It was brilliant PR on the part of O’Keefe since countless people are now posting their pics (and blogging!)

When it was over I had to admit I felt silly waiting in line in my early 50’s to get a picture and autograph from a movie star known best for work she did 30 years ago, but did I mention the open bar?


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