X-Country Drive: Day Zero

It’s been on my bucket list forever, and now my friend Tim is moving back east. Months ago I offered fly out to San Francisco and ride back with him with the request that we not script out the trip in advance. Tim felt the same way and so it begins!


We will travel safely

There is the question of traveling in the midst of a pandemic. Is it safe to fly? What about hotels? How will we meet people? I don’t want to be reckless, but I have come to a comfort level that commercial flights are relatively safe. I will wear my mask, keep my distance and follow precautions. I also feel hotels do not pose a huge threat. So we will live as we have at home…carefully.


While we seek to do this with no set itinerary, we had to plan the route a bit. There are four solid options, all roughly the same amount of time. We decided to take a southern route, roughly through Nevada, northern Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia. It will be warmer weather which means more outdoor dining, and better road conditions. I also have more things on my bucket list along that route!

Reagan National Airport was a ghost town


You could drive San Francisco to Washington, DC in 40 hours if you were in a rush. Ten hours a day would get you there in 4 days. We are opting for 5 hours a day with detours. 8-10 days.

Buckle up, it’s time for a road trip!


How I’ve missed you!

It had been over 6 months since I got on a plane. I barely remembered the ritual of checking in for the flight, setting up an Uber, going through security, etc. Now here it was. Tim and I called it Day Zero because the actual road trip would not begin until tomorrow. I was all ready, my Uber arrived and as I lowered myself into the car I felt my jeans split wide open underneath me!

Anyone can fly across the country, but can you do it with a massive rent in the ass of your jeans?

It was bad, and he was already driving away. I probably should have run back in the house but there was no time. So I tied my sweatshirt around my waist feeling quite breezy all the way across the country! The TSA agent in security said I needed to untie the sweatshirt and I told him my problem (he was going to notice anyway). He was like, “I’m not worried about a little hole in your OH MY GOD!!!” and we both had a good laugh and he gave me my sweatshirt back!

The flight was easy. The airport was a ghost town and looked like it does at 2 in the morning. The flight, however, was full. Lots of folks wearing protective face shields, goggles, and other personal protective equipment. Everyone wore a mask. It was the first time I’ve had to wear my mask for 10 hours straight.

My travel buddies Tim & GusGus

From the plane I watched the VP debate, and touched down in San Francisco at 9pm. Tim and his dog GusGus picked me up and we headed to the Park Central Hotel downtown. Tim and I went to college together and were roommates when we first moved to DC. We sat up talking until what for me was 3am. Tomorrow the trip begins!

Tomorrow the trip begins from downtown San Francisco!


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