New England Road Trip


Back in September, our youngest left for college and finally, my wife and I had achieved the elusive “empty nest”.  I say elusive because there were times when just as one of our adult children was moving out, another would be moving back home again!

A quick selfie, a large empty car, and 500 miles of road ahead of us, we were off!

A quick selfie, a large empty car, and 500 miles of road ahead of us, we were off!

As much as I enjoy the TV always being connected to a video game, and the sound of people coming and going at 3:00 am on a weeknight, it was time for them to begin their adult lives.

Then we spent a long cold winter watching Netflix, just the two of us; and by spring, we started to think a little activity around the house would be a refreshing change!  Fortunately it was time to bring the college student home.

We had to drive to Maine to get her. so we decided to make a road trip of it.  I have a lot of family and friends we never get to visit.  This seemed like a nice chance to reconnect and enjoy some spontaneous adventure–and that’s exactly what we did!


Here is the collection of postings from that trip





Charlestown, MA and the Boston Navy Yard






Boston Area






New Hampshire







New Hampshire Lakes







Ogunquit, ME








Portland, ME






Camden, ME






Bates College






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